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Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS Sertified)
Weight: 330 gsm
Weft thread: Handwoven, plain weave

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Andhara is inspired by lurik gerimis pattern from Central Java that represent modesty. Andhara is hand-dyed and hand woven by skillful Indonesian local weaver. Andhara is cushy, moldable, easy to break in and very supportive for big babies and toddler. Andhara has two bright colors (pink and turquoise) so you can easily differentiate top & bottom rails.

To ensure the safety and comfort for babies and the care givers, we only use 100% organic cotton fibers GOTS certified and safe dyeing material. Organic cotton is soft, airy and breathable, very suitable to be used in tropical countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

Strengthen your baby bonding using Andhara woven wraps, while introducing your love one to the rich of Indonesian cultures.

Note: there is an expected maximum 5% shrinkage after 1st or 2nd washing (which is part of natural process), that’s why our wraps are made 5% longer (e.g. wrap in size 4.2 m is originally 4.45 m)

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