About AnggyA

AnggyA is inspired by the longing of a common housewife to wear her baby using a traditional Indonesian woven wrap. A wrap which is woven by skillful hands of Indonesian traditional weavers, with its unique technique and pattern.

Indonesia is rich with traditional weaving techniques that are passed down for generations at various locations around the country. With the passing of time, the number of traditional weavers are dwindling due to the domination of mass-produced fabrics which are cheaper and faster to manufacture. Driven by our admiration and love of the beauty and comfort of this traditional hand woven fabrics, AnggyA is inspired to merge the traditional art of weaving with the culture of baby wearing.

AnggyA aims to provide its customer baby wearing products and goods with high quality, which are inspired by traditional Indonesian unique art and culture.  AnggyA products are designed and made locally in Indonesia by working closely with the country most talented traditional weavers. We prioritize in using natural material which are safe for baby use. Our vision is to promote a culture whereby parents are proud to wear their baby using traditional Indonesian hand woven product. We also hope that at the same time, AnggyA will contribute in preserving the country traditional weaving art and culture.

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